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Everything you should know about polyamorous dating


What does “love” mean to us? A romantic feeling between two people of opposite sex, physical attraction, chemical reaction, instinct - there are a lot of different approaches and none of them is entirely correct, particularly these days when the diversity of sexual orientations, lifestyles, values, beliefs is just astonishing. Modern people can position themselves as heterosexual, male and female homosexual, bisexual, transgender, they can have a free relationship, no engagements etc. In this article, we are going to speak about polyamorous people and polyamorous dating which is drastically different from traditional dating. But first of all, we are going to describe what polyamory is and what it is not.


Polyamorous personals and main facts/myths about them


Polyamory is the capacity to love two or more people at the same time. Do not get it wrong: polyamory has nothing in common with polygamy even if these two words have a similar pronunciation. Polygamy means being married to more than one person which is by the way forbidden by the law in all Christian countries. Polyamorous people can be in love with a few partners at the same time without necessarily being married. It is important to underline that even the polyamorous people sometimes have different perceptions of what it means. For this reason, it is difficult to give an exhaustive and exact definition of the polyamorous love.

Let’s discuss the most common stereotypes about poly people and find out which ones of them are false and which ones are true.

  1. being polyamorous means to cheat on your partner - FALSE. By definition, these phenomena are totally different. In the case of polyamorous dating, all “participants” know each other and the fact that they are more than two does not bother them. Cheating means that a person has only one regular sex partner but occasionally he/she has sexual relations with other people;
  2. Polyamorous people are looking for sex and nothing else - FALSE. It is very common to hear that poly people are just looking for casual sex. It is possible that among them there are some people like that but in general, polyamorous individuals are capable of loving more than one person, even if it does include having sex with them. Moreover, some poly people claim to be asexual - according to them, emotional connection is the most important part of the relationship;
  3. Open relationship VS polyamory: NOT the same thing. For the majority of people, these two concepts have very close meanings. However, it is not true. An open relationship implies having one regular partner and one (or a few) temporary lovers on the side. In the meanwhile, polyamory is a relationship of three (or even more) people on a regular basis;
  4. there are a lot of possible combinations of a polyamorous relationship: all men, all mail order bride, two girls and one man, two men and one girl, bisexuals, pansexuals etc. In addition, there is such thing as an open polyamorous relationship when a person has a few partners and a lover on the side;
  5. Polyamory: pleasure for the ones and suffering for the others. Polyamorous relationships bring happiness and completeness into the lives of those who really want it. However, if your partner is poly but you aren’t, it might end up badly for both of you. In order to avoid negative consequences, it is preferable to talk it over without prejudice and ambiguity. Constructive dialogue is always the best solution.


The best polyamorous dating sites in 2020




Of course, Match is not a dating site for polyamorous people only. Actually, it is one of the most famous online dating web platforms in the world where people of all ages, sexual orientations and lifestyles (poly people included) can find their true love. is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and has offices all around the world. The company has a stunning website and an official application. The concept is very simple: you have to download the app, create an account, describe briefly who you are and what you are looking for, share a few photos and you can proceed to profiles search. We kindly recommend you to mention in your profile description that you are polyamorous - this would help the service define your targeted audience and thus the search will be more effective. Do not forget - communication is the most important thing, do not hesitate to write first, feel free and comfortable - that’s the key to success.

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BeNaughty is an online dating platform that operates in numerous countries (United States, France, United Kingdom, Australia, Italy, Canada etc.). According to the official site, the service helps find naughty singles in the user’s area online. To do so, people can use innovative chat rooms, messaging, search tools provided by The webpage is very popular among sexual minorities and polyamorous people are numerous here. However, you should know how to distinguish the person who just wants to try something new in her/his sexual life and the one who is really looking for poly dating.

The service is very user-friendly. The registration process takes 10 minutes at most, everything is well-explained and intuitive. The company protects the personal information of its users, a team of high-profile professionals ensures the security of the system. is for sure one of the best polyamorous dating sites in the world and is really worth trying in case you are looking for polyamory.


Polyamory Date is a dating site targetted specifically for the poly people. According to its official statement, the company’s goal is to “create a community for poly adventurers”. The communication within the site is organized through chattering, blog posts, video posting, group chats.

All accounts on are regularly verified on the matter of information credibility and fraud. The site has a large database of active users so it won’t be difficult to find a date. Before signing up (which by the way is free of charge) a new user must indicate who is he/she (man, woman, couple M+W, W+W or M+M) and what he/she/they are looking for (women, men, couples).

The service has official accounts on Twitter and Facebook. Also, it has an application downloadable on Play Market/Apple Store. Taking all of this into account, it becomes clear that Polyamory Date is one of the top polyamorous relationship dating sites.


Open Minded is an online platform for people seeking freedom in their relationships. According to the words of Brandon Wade, the creator and CEO of the company, Open Minded is aimed at providing help for people who are interested in open marriages, open relationships and polyamory. The platform is perfectly reliable and user-friendly, you can follow it on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and create an account absolutely for free! provides users with all tools necessary to find a perfect match. At the same time, it encrypts identifiable data, removes fake profiles and takes care of users’ privacy. Brandon Wade states that his personal goal is to run his business ethically in order to satisfy all stakeholders - an excellent approach for the company in the dating business. The society changes very quickly and was created in response to recent changes. Find people like you online without paying a penny thanks to Brandon Wade’s wonderful service!


Polyamorous Passions


This site has a well-defined targeted audience: polyamorous singles. The company emphasizes that the platform was created for poly people who are looking for the serious relationships so if you would like to use it as a means to find open-minded sex partners, then you are “in the wrong place”, according to the text on the main page.

The platform is designed specifically for the poly community and provides all necessary tools such as chats, messaging, video calls etc. Customer support is always ready to answer all of your questions. On the top of the main page, you can filter active profiles by such groups as polyamorous, polygamist, polysexual, poly-curious etc. This might be very handy in order to find the right person as quickly as possible.

We hope that now you have a better idea of what is polyamorous dating and what online platforms suit the most for it.


Questions to ask yourself before trying polyamorous dating


What will be the reaction of your family/friends/current partner?


Will they accept your decision? Maybe, you have to talk to them, explain your point of view, what has motivated you to become a polyamorous person. Be sure - your desire is absolutely normal so try to explain it to people who are important to you;


What do you expect from the relationship?


You have to know clearly why you are joining the poly community and what you are looking for;


Will your current partner accept your polyamory?


Is he/she ready to love you the way you are? Is he/she ready to let the third person come into your life? Think it over before revealing the truth to your partner;


Do you have enough time/resources/energy to love more than one person?


Because love requires everything mentioned above. In other words - be sure that there are no obstacles on your way to a polyamorous relationship.